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Ants into butterflies

There comes a time in your life when you’ll realize that you are gifted with the knowledge and direction of being exactly what you are designed for, or you’re gifted with the realization that you absolutely have no idea about it! Both realities result in the same circumstance that whatever it may be, it surely will not occur today. So how does one endure this period of uncomfortability? How can one maximize today with enough fulfillment to make prosperous actions that lead toward the reality of a desired future to minimize the lows, defeat procrastination, attract wealth and success, and thus become what you’re meant to be? Ants into Butterflies….This journey is certainly not full of hand-me-outs and surely not for the faint of heart. You may have or will soon realize that the outward battle is easy to subdue but to overcome the battle within, one must continuously conquer to emerge victorious. The uncontrolled thought patterns, irrational reasoning, “wasting” of time and overall analysis paralysis or stagnancy must rightly be in check. Reality is perspectives after all... does an Ant evolve into a Butterfly?

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