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General Membership


Join the HLS to journey from Ants into Butterflies to discover Your Success Mindset to create the reality you are destined and designed for. Membership includes: 

  • Official HLS Pin

  • Weekly emailed Newsletter with Hope Notes for Your Success Mindset, Events, and to stay connected with Mr. Hope Legacy Society

  • Members only Your Success Mindset trainings, workshops, seminars and events

  • 1 Free 15 minute Coaching, Consultation or Mentorship call

  • Special offers and deals

"Get Your Success Mindset" Membership


A 12-week program designed to help you define your current mindset to then create, mold and refine it into Your Success Mindset. We are told we must be success focused, but are given the same cookie cutter "success tools and guides" when in fact, everyone has their own unique success mindset and must be unlocked in order to rendered the full capacity of your desired and destined futures. Membership includes: 

  • Officially the HLS Initial Pin, a specific pin and token with each mindset milestone completed

  • Ants into Butterflies interactive workbook and access to digital trainings and resources

  • Personal tailored Your Success Mindset plan

  • 2 1v1 30 minute coaching calls (video or audio)

  • Certificate of Completion

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